Covid – 19 Policy

As Covid – 19 continues to be a part of every day life it is essential we take the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread, Dogs On Go will therefore implement the following measures into our service.

On entering your home we will wear PPE including gloves which will be changed between each household and a face covering.

Hand sanitiser will be used before entering and upon leaving clients homes, then at regular intervals whilst gloves are not being worn.

All surfaces we come into contact with will be wiped down on leaving your home.

Any leads you are providing will be wiped down when we return to your home, our leads will be wiped down regularly and washed daily.

Crates in our vehicle will be wiped down between each dog and regular thorough cleaning of the vehicle undertaken.

Towels are provided and will be used one per dog, which will be washed daily.

Please note masks and gloves will not be worn whilst out on walks or whilst driving the vehicle, unless otherwise specified.

If ourselves or any members of our household display symptoms, walks will be cancelled or rearranged until test results are confirmed negative. There will be no charge for any cancelled walks in this instance.

If any member of your household displays symptoms please inform Dogs On Go at your earliest convenience to cancel all walks until your test has been confirmed negative, any walks cancelled due to Covid – 19 will be credited to your account.