Data Protection Policy

Dogs On Go will require the information of customers in order to provide its services to you, this data is to be used inline with the service you require and the contact details we will need to be able to contact you where necessary or in the event of an emergency.

Dogs On Go may use collected information in a variety of ways in regards to our service for purposes such as, improving customer service, improving our website and social media, emailing customers or website users inline with enquiries/questions or to provide updates of our services or providing a more personal service to our clients.

Dogs On Go will not share clients information with any third parties without the prior consent of our customers.

All clients personal information will be securely stored in a locked cabinet. This information will only be used by Dogs On Go for the purpose of providing a service.

As contact details will be held on mobile phones for the purpose of contacting you by telephone, the mobiles in use will be secure with pass codes or finger print recognition, in the event the mobile is lost or stolen to provide added security. Dogs On Go will not willingly share this information to unauthorised parties.

Photos of your Dogs, puppies or pets may be used inline with my website or social media pages, however the clients prior consent will always be gained before doing so.

Any information held will be destroyed or deleted once it is no longer required, paper records such as application forms will be shredded on termination of any contract and mobile contacts deleted.

Any forms such as accident or incident records will be kept for a longer period dependant on the age of your dog.

Please note information may be held for a longer period with regards to any dispute of our service or payment, at our discretion, once any disputes are settled information will be destroyed as previously stated.

By agreeing to any terms and conditions it will be understood by Dogs On Go that the client accepts and understands the Data Protection Policy.

Dogs On Go reserves the right to update our Data Protection Policy at any time, all clients will be notified of any changes. If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact Dogs On GO.