Walks, Leads and Equipment.


Dogs On Go will provide walks to Dogs of all breeds and sizes, we will initially walk all Dogs on a solo basis, to enable us to understand your dog fully and get to know them. We will concentrate on building up a relationship with your Dog so they fully trust us and respond to our commands accordingly. We will learn about your dogs temperament, training level, their body language and what this may signify.

During those initial stages your dog will be kept on a lead at all times, regardless of consent for off lead time, we will gradually introduce off lead time in areas where we feel it is safe to do so and practice their recall skills. If at any stage I feel your dogs recall abilities are not fully developed with us at Dogs On GO we will return to on lead walks only.

We will walk your dogs in areas they are familiar with, close to home to begin with, again building on your dogs trust. During your initial consultation we will discuss your local walks and take an accompanied walk together so Dogs On Go can assess your dog and start the getting to know each other process.

When we have established a relationship with your dog we will offer walks in other areas to provide the stimulation of different smells, sites and sounds. This may include off lead walks, with permission, in open countryside, parks (where allowed) or other areas as requested.

On understanding your dogs temperament we will introduce them to group walks, if these are requested by yourselves, we will match them to dogs of a similar size and temperament to ensure we all get along, as far as is reasonably practicable. If at any time your dog shows signs of aggression we will place them back on solo walks or if possible rematch them to other dogs, it may be some dogs just simply don’t get along.

Leads and collars.

If you are providing your own leads these are to be checked before any walk by yourself and confirmed to be of a good quality, this includes the snap of your lead and the full length of the lead and handle. We will check leads ourselves on arrival, any leads we deem unsuitable will not be used and therefore could result in cancellation of the walk.

Leads should be of a simple, flat type in either leather or woven nylon with an optimum length of 6ft long and 5 ~ 8 inches wide, dependant on the size and strength of your dog. The snap on your lead should be duty steel or brass and a bull snap for large or giant breeds.

Please note we will not use retractable leads under any circumstances. These leads can cause injury to your dog or other dogs on the walk, they can cause injury to the person using them and can also result in out of control or lost dogs.

If you wish to allow your dog the freedom of a longer lead without off lead time we can use a training lead if provided, these will however be allowed on solo walks only to prevent potential injury to other dogs.

We will have some leads available for use if you would prefer, these will be fully cleaned daily and wiped down between use.

All collars must be provided by yourselves with a tag attached with your contact details, as required by law. These again must be checked before each walk by yourselves and confirmed to be of a safe and secure quality, no tears or loose buckles to be used. We will check all collars on arrival, any collars we deem unsuitable will not be used and will result in the cancellation of the walk. Please note in these circumstances you will still be charged in full.

Dogs On Go may attach a separate collar or tag to your dog with our contact details to provide extra security in the event of your dog becoming separated from us whilst out walking, please note these will not be used in the event your collar is unsuitable, they are simply an extra precaution.


Dogs On Go will provide all towels, wipes and other products necessary for cleaning and drying your dogs before we return them home. Towels will be provided one per dog and washed between use.

Dogs On Go will provide all poo bags whilst your dog is out walking with us, we will also provide them with toys and treats with your permission and water during walks.

Dogs On Go will carry a first aid kit with them at all times for the event of an emergency. We will have a dog whistle and clicker for any dogs using these methods during walks and training. Please note we are not Dog trainers, this is only done to assist you, please ask if you require a dog trainer and we will try to assist in locating a professional Dog trainer.

Dogs On Go will have access to muzzles if we feel it becomes necessary to use them we will do so at our discretion. You will always be informed if it has become necessary for us to apply these and the reason for their use. If your dog uses a muzzle regularly please keep Dogs On Go informed of this and supply us with your muzzle during walks.

We will refill your water bowls at home before leaving and return them to your requested area in the home.