Weather Policy

Dogs On Go aim to offer walks to your pets under all weather conditions, whether it be glorious sunshine, rain, sleet or snow, however there may exceptional circumstances that arise due to extreme weather.

Extreme heat.

Squish faced dogs should not be walked in temperatures above 22 degrees, therefore during the summer months I will be monitoring temperatures regularly and rearranging the walking schedules accordingly.

In extreme heat it is always necessary to use caution and where possible dogs will be walked in the early morning or late evening for their own safety. Walks will be shorter than usual on such days at my discretion. I will contact all clients in advance to discuss rearrangements of times and length of walks and will offer home visits where walking is not possible.

Whilst a walk in extreme weather may not always be possible I would always recommend a home visit if your dog is left alone during the day to enable Dogs On Go to assist in checking on your dogs well being and refill water bowls ~ much needed in such heat.

Walks that are being rearranged or where home visits are made, will be charged at your usual rates. Where it is not possible to rearrange due to exceptional circumstances any charges will be credited back to your account for future walks or visits.

Snow or other extreme weather conditions.

Dogs On Go will be monitoring the weather regularly, checking for weather warnings and expected conditions for the next day and week ahead. Dogs On GO will contact all clients in advance if we feel there may be extreme weather that will affect our services to you.

Whilst we will make every effort to attend to your dog in all weather’s this may not be possible in extreme weather, if we feel the safety of ourselves or your dog is at risk we reserve the right to cancel walks. In these circumstances we will give 24 hours notice to you and this will be credited back to your account for future walks or visits.

Where possible if we feel it becomes necessary to cancel walks we will look to arrange a home visit.

Please be aware during extreme weather conditions there may be delays to your booked walk or visit times due to traffic or potential road closures etc. though every effort to arrive within a reasonable timescale will be made.

As the weather can on occasion catch us off guard this may result in cancellations being made on the day of your booked visits, in these circumstances you will be given a full refund. Please note this will be an absolute last resort and one we hope never occurs.